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With no artistic training, Andrew has unrelentingly strived to produce very high quality art. As a child he was greatly impressed by the photo realistic paintings created centuries ago, many of which hang in our stately homes, Andrew has always sought to create similar beautiful results. Hard-wired for shape and colour, brightness and contrast, he has always been obssessed with achieving an almost photographic standard in his work. To turn a blank canvas into a near photographic image is an incredible thing to achieve! Cuneo, Landseer and Picasso are considered to be his main influences. A quote attributed to Gottleib Daimler, one of the founders of Mercedes-Benz struck a chord with Andrew and his approach to art - "The Best or Nothing".

Press Mentions

In addition to being accepted into the Guild of Railway Artists for the quality of his railway paintings, Andrew's horse portraits received a mention in both Horse and Hound magazine (16th November 2017) and Absolute Horse magazine (November 2017).

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